Kabbalah Me Reviews

The Jerusalem Post

A Personal Exploration of Kabbalah
By Ariel Hendelman on 5/12/2015

The Jewish Channel

Jewish News Week in Review (Video)
By Christian Niedan on 9/5/2014

The Jewish Week

Long, Strange Trip to Enlightenment: A Secular Jew journeys into the world of Jewish mysticism in "Kabbalah Me"
By George Robinson on 8/19/2014

Jewish Journal

A Modern Journey into the Ancient World of Kabbalah
By Evan Henerson on 9/3/2014

The Jewish Daily Forward

Looking for Kabbalah at a Rangers Game
By Elyssa Goodman on 8/21/2014

The New York Times

A Spiritual Seeker Seeks Close to Home
By Andy Webster on 8/21/2014

The Jewish Daily Forward

Down the Mystical Rabbit Hole
By Curt Schleier on 8/24/2014

The Village Voice

Spiritual Doc Kabbalah Me Isn't Quite Transcendent
By Diana Clarke on 8/20/2014

The Dissolve

Kabbalah Me
By Kate Erbland on 8/21/2014
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